Food for Thought

“Stand in the Gap”

Adapted by Dr. Donald E.  Wildmon


God told Ezekiel:  “ I sought for a man… who should build up the wall and stand in the gap before me and for the land… but I found none”  (Ezekiel 22:30).


Today God still looks for individuals who will “stand in the gap.”  Men and women who care more about the approval of God than the approval of man.  Those more interested in being “faithful” in the eyes of God than “successful”  in the eyes of man.  Those more concerned about saving souls than saving money.  Those more desirous of living correctly than being “politically correct.”  Of such is compromised the Kingdom of God.  Men and women unwilling to sell their souls for a bowl of porridge.  Or betray their Savior for 30 pieces of silver.  Pompeii, the great Roman leader, put it this way:  “It is a small matter that I should move forward and die.  It is too great a matter that I should take one step backward and live.”  The gaps are all around us.  People of faith – men and women – for the sake of our children – for the sake of our families, for the sake of our nation…               


Go forth and stand in the gap!